Friday, July 16, 2004

Another long inexcusable gap

Boy the blog is really getting as out of shape as I am. In the past week, I have really been busy though, honest.

Moving stuff into our new apartment, buying a new TV (we sold our old one in Boston) and office chair. My back, arms, and shoulders have been taking a beating from lifting all these heavy boxes and furniture, but we are mostly done and it is starting to look like someone lives there.

This weekend, my mom is already in Jackson Hole with her friends the Cummings, whose Lucadia Corporation has made a bid to buy half of the ailing MCI (nee MCIWorldcom). The Cummings, incidently are also major donors to the democratic party, especially the Utah state branch. And the real reason she is up there is it is Ian's birthday.

My father meanwhile is being shipped off to Boston again for a labor arbitration case (he visited Christina and I last fall for part one of this case) Early in the morn on Saturday. I , of course have to deliver him to the airport at the crack o'dawn. My reward though for this is to have the house to myself...ourselves for the weekend.

This afternoon, the cable guy will come and we will have a million channels and a 3MBS internet connection in the apartment. To copy a cheesy movie title, I can't hardly wait.

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