Thursday, September 09, 2004

Back to the Future

As Bill Clinton and many other famous politicans noted, elections are about the future, not the past. So why are we stuck reliving the late 1960's and early 1970's? We all knew that Bush got special treatment (he still does by the way) . I don't care where Kerry was for Christmas in 1968. Matt Stoller does have a good point that we should care because the man who likes to attack another's character often has many character flaws himself (and is the bigger smearer). Nevertheless, I am tired of hearing about Vietnam by Kerry and Bush's lies about his whereabouts.

This debate isn't going to bring home the over 1,000 dead American soliders in Iraq. Over a million jobs aren't going to come back because John Kerry was in Vietnam and got 3 purple hearts, and Silver and Bronze Star, but his policies might. We sure know that Bush's policies aren't going to, since we have the results right in front of us.

Speaking of results, yesterday I read about the Rx Drug bill fraud. Remember that? About a year ago, Bush was able to get enough votes for his phony Rx Drug bill on the promise that it would only cost $400 billion. Even though everyone knew these numbers were phony, now we have real proof even the Administration knew it was phony. They muzzled an actuary from telling Congress that is was well over $500 billion. The GAO's lawyers said the muzzler should forfeit his salary from then on, about $67,000. He works for big Pharma now, so he can afford. Of course the Bushies won't do it, citing executive authority. To do what, lie to Congress?

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