Friday, September 10, 2004

Everybody's Workman for the Weekend

Happy Friday everyone.

I don't know about you, but it has only been a night and I am already sick of all these typewriter experts questioning the authenticity of the uncovered TX National Guard documents. Some, like Josh Marshall say Bush's team hasn't questioned the validity to the contents of the documents, meaning they are essentially true. But I am so sure Rove et al are the ones behind the current discrediting of the CBS documents, and it is all stuff from 35 years ago.

Lets talk today, like a nice little poem about the thousand war dead uncovered by Slate's Christopher Hitchens (opps...too bad it is a poem from 1936, but look how fitting it is still today)

I read of a thousand killed.
And am glad because the scrounging imperial paw
Was there so bitten:
As a man at elections is thrilled
When the results pour in, and the North goes with him
And the West breaks in the thaw.

(That fighting was a long way off.)

Forgetting therefore an election
Being fought with votes and lies and catch-cries
And orator's frowns and flowers and posters' noise
Is paid for with cheques and toys:
Wars the most glorious
Victory-winged and steeple-uproarious
... With the lives, burned-off,
Of young men and boys.

Or how about some nice local news. My County Mayor, Nancy Workman, got put on paid administrative leave (booked and released) for two indictments of felonies involving using county funds to essentially pay for her daughter's assistants (who worked for a local Boys & Girls Club). The acting Mayor did the right thing and fired Workman's $100,000 a year assistant. SL County DA David Yocom once called the woman Workman's "Hairdresser" since she has no real job description. How about "crony?" Under Workman's watch, there haven't been tax raises true, but there have been numerous financial scandals of County employees using SL County gas cards to fuel up their family cars and other such felonies. Hers is a culture of corruption and wonton disregard for the law.

Meanwhile, the state GOP is getting nervous since Workman is now 10 points down, and want to kick her off the ticket. Too bad then, that the law says you have to have a doctor's note that you are either sick, insane, etc to be removed from the ballot. Plus, Nancy's not pudging (in fact, she is running ads now claiming the entire thing is a political attack, since Yocom is a Democrat, even though her attorney was Yocom's assistant and the Democratic candidate for AG). So what's a Republican to do? The GOP-controlled legislature is now trying to hold their own special session to change the law (too bad the Governor has control over special sessions), Senate Democrats shamed them into stopping until the next formal session, which will be after the election.

To make a long story short, vote Coroon for SL County Mayor. After all, his Howard Dean's cousin.

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