Friday, December 17, 2004

Stick a fork in me...

Cause I am done! That's right, last final was done at 5PM...well I turned it in early because I ran out of stuff to say. After that, I was in a mad dash to my fiancee's office party, where there was an open bar, hot wings, and burgers. They even had TVs in the urinals. Brilliant! Next, I went back to dress up more for the law school holiday party. First a pre-party at one of my friend's houses, a bit more intoxicatation....then off to the Sky Bar downtown. We danced, sweated, caught out drunken classmates before they fell on the ground and shouted "We've done" about a billion times. But boy did it feel great. One of my fiancee's college alumnae board members came with us and she had a great time too. It is too bad they allow smoking in clubs and bars. It really ruins the whole experience for me: I have to immediately wash my clothes and shower and get the sting out of my eyes. Plus, it smells and gives you cancer, but who's complaining? Not me.

Tomorrow I may wake up feeling a bit bad, but I earned this little excursion for all the work I have done this month. Now I just have Christmas shopping, Advent, and family Christmas parties to worry about. Plus the usual clean the car get groceries stuff. I have to say, I like my class. The people are great, kind, and very smart. If any of them are reading now, I would like to tell them they are all doing great and not to worry. After all, there is nothing you can do about it now anyway.

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