Tuesday, January 25, 2005

IA Docs Say No to Pharma

great news from the Hawkeye statevia Yahoo! News:

"It's just plain ethically wrong and it's designed to color our judgment," Dr. Dean Abramson of Gastroenterologists P.C. said of the practice. "I don't think patients realize how much drug companies spend on this." Accordingly, he and other doctors in Iowa have made a pact to not accept all those free trinkets and lunches from drug companies. In fact he called it "a bribe."

CalPIRG claims that Pharma spends as much as $5 billion annually, whose costs are passed on to consumers.

If you thought the lobbying groups do to politicans is bad, I would have to say Pharma peddling drugs is far worse. All those "free samples" to get people on their product can lead to incedents like those with Vioxx.

This isn't candy folks, these medicines could save your life, give you complications, or even kill you.

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