Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Rice v. Gonzales

It seems like Senators will do a bit of speechifying (their favorite thing) on Rice, but I doubt more than 10-20 senators will vote against her, even though she should have been fired, let alone promoted.

However, the real fight seems to be Alberto Gonzales. Even Joe Biden, who whimped out on Condi, will vote no on Gonzales. I urge all my readers to contact their senators to ask them to condem Gonzales as a supporter of Torture. We hear more stories daily about how bad things are in Gitmo, Iraq, and Afghanistan holding cells. All this is a direct result of Gonzales giving his blessing to torture. Gonzales should also be disbared for lying to a judge and prosecutor to get then-Gov. Bush out of jury duty in 1996. Furthermore, he failed to do his duty as council to then-Gov. Bush to look at the clemency cases and properly brief Bush. This man is directly responsible for the miscarriage of justice, the death, and torture of people.

How could any one sleep at night if they voted for him? Count me in as a NO vote.

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