Tuesday, January 18, 2005

On the Precipice of History

How cool is this, I am learning from a professor and Judge who presaged/pursauded (US v. Croxford) the outcome of a landmark Supreme Court Decision this week (US v. Booker)? Further, Cassell also was able to twice be the first out of the barn to interpret Blakely v. Washington and Booker, this time with US v. Wilson.

First of all, it is a brilliantly writen and argued decision. Moreover, it made for 39 pages of reading instead of over 100 for Booker. Many have put out through critiques of Wilson: the Sentencing and policy blog, TalkLeft, and many others. There is a buzz about it and Cassell is making the most out of his appointment to the court.

While I might not agree with all of his opinions, I totally respect his ethics, his intelligence and influence. After all, he did clerk for Scalia.

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