Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Only 2 votes against sycophancy?

I have trouble believing that the Foreign Relations panel could not find more Democrats or GOPers with some spine to tell the president that he can't put just anyone into such a powerful post as Secretary of State.

John Kerry, who thinks he still has a shot to run for president again, voted no. Barbara Boxer, the hyper-liberal from California who has a great name and was just reelected, did too. What happened to Joe "Plagiarism" Biden? Dick "Iraq is in the toilet" Lugar? Or Chuck Hagel? Russ "only no vote on Ashcroft" Feingold? Barrack "President in 2008" Obama? Man, what happened?

Condi Rice is incompetent, she failed to do anything to prevent 9/11, she did nothing since then to fulfill her duties as national security advisor, since anyone with guts would have told Bush that there was no pressing, national security need to go to Iraq and that the US would be less secure as a result. She led the parade of lies to go to Iraq. She was the president's puppet.

The only good thing I can say about her is that foreign governments will know that when she speaks, she speaks for the president since she wouldn't tie her shoe unless he gave her permission. That is the major problem Colin Powell had: no support from the White House since day one.

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