Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Draft Condi?

One of the weirdest and funniest things to me is conservatives' obsession with Condi Rice as a political candidate (before Arnold, they wanted her to run for governor in her native California). Sure she is good at lying through that big gap in her front teeth, and sure she is loyal to Bush, but what else does she have going for her? Being a black woman? Ask Carol Mosley-Braun how that worked out. Other black GOPers haven't fared so well, like Clarence Thomas (laughing stock of the supreme court), Colin Powell (laughing stock of the international community) and JC Watts (what ever happened to him?).

Condi's in love with GW, and that is about it. She's been dead wrong on nearly every call she's made in the White House, and incompetent to boot. If GOPers really think this is their best match-up to Hillary in 2008, we are going to win in a walk. [as is Hillary in 2006 in NY: she has 69% approval ratings, 49% among GOPers]

Among the highlights of the 32nd Annual CPAC [Conservative PAC] event was a WH '08 straw poll conducted by GOP pollster Tony Frabrizio and his firm. Rudy Giuliani came out on top with 19%, narrowly edging Sec/State Condi Rice at 18%. Rice was the beneficiary of "intensive campaigning by her supporters, who donned 'Draft Rice in 2008' buttons and stickers. Bill Frist tied for third place with George Allen and John McCain at 11%. Other GOPers on the ballot were Newt Gingrich and George Pataki. [American Conservative Union] ACU pres. David Keene said it was significant that no candidate topped 20%. And Keene emphasized that the question to CPAC participants was not who do you want to be the WH '08 GOP nominee, but who do you think will be the WH '08 nominee. Giuliani is "not considered conservative."

MSGOP's Scarborough: "I have got to tell you, again, I've been to CPAC before. These are the true believers. They drink the Kool-Aid" ("Scarborough Country," 2/21).

The Draft Condi Rice for POTUS folks were all over the CPAC conference, telling anyone who would listen that they were a serious organization (registered as a 527, no less) and that they were starting radio ads on 2/18 on every Clear Channel [read: Republican] station in IA. The folks at Americans for Rice-Dot Com have posted their 15-second radio ad. Full transcript:

ANNCR: "AmericansforRice.com is the website for the 527 organization dedicated to electing Dr. Condoleezza Rice President in 2008. AmericansforRice.com is not approved by any candidate or party. Visit AmericansforRice.com today."

In addition to the radio spot, one can download a rock song ("Condoleeza Will Lead Us") supporting Rice for just $.99 (Hotline reporting, 2/18).

AmericansforRice.com's Crystal Dueker, on their reception at CPAC: "And there were about 30 young women who came up to me, basically as a group, and wanted to get the campaign buttons, they wanted to get the bumper stickers"

Maybe they wanted them as memorabilia. I once thought of getting a Kuchinich sticker or a Braun button, but I would have never voted for those clowns.

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