Friday, February 25, 2005

The FDA is broken

About a third of the people voting on whether to reinstate drugs like Vioxx have industry ties (AKA used to work for them). Reinstating a drug, especially one like Vioxx is highly political and highly subject to bias.

The Times reports
: "If the 10 advisers [with Big Pharma ties] had not cast their votes, the committee would have voted 12 to 8 that Bextra should be withdrawn and 14 to 8 that Vioxx should not return to the market. The 10 advisers with company ties voted 9 to 1 to keep Bextra on the market and 9 to 1 for Vioxx's return."

I really is disgusting to see such naked corruption. My doctor sister tells me stories about those drug reps who go into hositials and conventions and try to sell the drugs to MDs via freebies, sexiness, and maybe its clinical value.

The system is broken, and I don't trust the overly corporate cozy Bush administration to fix it.

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