Sunday, February 27, 2005


That was the vanity plate of the bright yellow Hummer H2 in front of me today on South Temple and 7th East. My first thought was, "that is disgusting." Then I grew to respect the man's (I am sure it was a man) honesty and not pretending he bought the car for any other reason. Thank you Tom Delay. I am sure this guy is using his Hummer for "business purposes."

You know, my Dad's cousin used this same loophole to buy himself one of those BMW SUVs, what are they called the X5? Something like that. This guy's wife, I believe I told you before, voted for Bush "because he made her feel safe." Not that it mattered in Utah, where 71% voted the same way, but it is basically why Kerry lost. He didn't get enough moderate married women to trust him with national security. And don't get me wrong, these relatives are very nice and the wife has even offered to hold a bridal shower for us sometime. Although I have no idea what we would do there and whole concept of me being at a "shower" wierds me out a bit.

Speaking of wedding stuff, we went to Pottery Barn today (one of the places we are registered, hint hint) for a special morning bridal thing they were having. No, I wasn't the only guy there. It was 3 couples and a mom and bride including us and like 8 salespeople. I really hope that people had canceled because all those bored sales people orbiting us was insufferable. It was nice to have the store all to ourselves and to get some fresh fruit, juice, and a taste of a wedding cake for free, but I am glad we left after an 45 minutes or so of combing the place repeatedly to make sure we had scanned every last thing we could possibly want there. They had allotted 2 hours for us.

After that, we tried to go to Costco, but they open at 10 on Sundays, so we cruised 3rd West and 21st South until I found a place that served coffee that wasn't a Burger King or Seven-Eleven. Sconecutter was our stop, which was open 6AM to midnight every day. So we got a scone and coffee and I reminisced about how much I used to love the joint when I was in the single digits.

Costco as usual was fun; by the time we got out of the store at 10:45, the parking lot was already full. What an amazing place, they must make a killing every weekend. And I must compliment our "boxer" whose name I didn't catch, he neatly packed all our things into 3 boxes in like a minute, very impressive.

Well, its back to working on my mock appellate brief for legal methods. If you are ever fired/discriminated against because of your religion in the 10th Circuit, you might want to read it. Otherwise, only if you like to be tormented.

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