Wednesday, March 02, 2005


So right now I should be 1) doing my hundreds of pages of reading 2) revising my mock appellate brief 3) writing an article about my Pro Bono experience that goes out of 400-500 people 4) interviewing High School students for Brown 5) writing up those interviews and sending them to Brown 6) helping out with the wedding 7) playing basketball twice a week with my 1L intramural team 8) working on my outlines 9) going to my grandma's birthday party....OK enough whinning. I am just feeling a bit behind in just about every catagory.

Duncan Black over at Eschaton is going after my DLC friend Ed Kilgore, basically for not going with the Liberal line that DLC=Lieberman and Lieberman=GOP-lite. We all know Lieberman is a conservative, pro-business Democrat who WAS the chairman of the DLC in the late 1990s and who ran the Democratic majority into the ground in 2002 and decided to follow that up with an equally embarrassing presidential run in 2004. Now it seems that Lieberman wants to make himself a dealmaker extraordinniare on Social Security. He is even risking a primary challenge funded solely by liberal groups and bloggers who hate him.

My problem with Joe, as I have said many times before, is not his politics, (as much as I dislike his holier than thou attack on Hollywood, they do need to curb the glorification of violence) but his tactics. He thinks he is being diplomatic, being senatorial, but all he does is fuel the GOP fire.

There is no compromising with this White House. They won't play nice back with you, they see it as a weakness to expoit. They need your vote, Joe, but use moderate to conversative Democrats like tissue paper. Haven't you learned from 4 years of this crap? I guess not.

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