Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar thoughts

I thought it was better this year, really moved but there were no real surprises. Gone were most of the sanctamonius speeches, except for the phony-seeming thanks to the troops crap. Really, if Hollywood wants to look good, they should cut the montages, speeches by the director of the Academy, lifetime achievement guy, and just show some clips of stars on USO tours (especially Robin Williams). Oh and cut the songs too, unless you have Beyonce sing all of them, since she is so great. But lose Andrew Lloyd Webber and write some good songs next year.

Poor minor awards winners, they had to either all stand firing squad style on stage or sit in their seats and walk two-feet to a mike to speak. Still an Oscar is an Oscar. I used to like seeing little clips of the movies while they walked up.

Some of them must of really been drunk, like Dustin Hoffman, who slurred all the words for Best Picture and hogged the show from Babs. And the Country Crows, who's heart wasn't in singing this song again (I love their first two albums by the way).

Oh and for the love of humanity, get rid of Joan Rivers and the rest of the vaccuos people that interview celebraties on the red carpet. Laura Linney was trying to say something important about Human Sexuality and Dr. Kinsey when the interviewer said "you look great, who's dress is that?" As if he was really saying, "Damn it, stick to the talking points that your publist gave us!"

Oh and the next time a song is by Hispanics or other groups, don't do what they did this year or in the Sidney 2000 closing ceremonies: look there's all the famous people of this national origin idiots in middle america would recognize. The winner of the Che song did an awesome a cappella that made you wish had had sung it.

That's about it. Oh and what happened to the best custume fashion show? That was a funny experimnet.

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