Wednesday, March 02, 2005

read the fine print

that was the first lession I supposedly learned in law school. To read everything I signed and make sure that the contract wasn't crap first. Yet I still got snookered today thanks to Yahoo! and Baskin-Robbins.

The fine print in question said that my "free scoop of ice cream" was limited to the first 300 servings at a participating store, or "while supplies last" which ever comes first. Meaning, on a random tuesday B-R could claim they are all out of ice cream when you walk in with your Y! coupon. Or they could just put up a sign saying they maxed out on their scoop quota, like the one I went to did.

Happy birthday indeed, Yahoo! So to spite them, we went to squirell brothers, which used to be a Snelgrove's chain but lost its franchisee lincense for doing atypical things and decided to stick it out. But the man at the counter was too busy flirting with two girls, so we went to B & D Burgers (for Big and Delicious, of course) and got ourselves a "oreo and peanut butter" milkshake. Turned out it was oreo, butterfinger, and whole peanuts and vanilla soft serve. oh well, it tasted good, but made me thirstier than a Camel in the middle of the desert with his humps all used up.

Oh and while I am at it, Alias is a show I have been watching since about it went on, but I deeply dissipointed with this season. Since "lost" has been such a sucess, JJ Abhams has seemingly devoted all his time to it and lest Alias for dead. Every episode is in its own bubble with excitment but no continuous overarching storyline. Bring back the Di Vinci/Nostadamus guy stuff, back to the cliff hangers, more Sark! Everytime a writer works two shows, one always suffers, like Ally McBeal and The Practice (now Boston Legal) and later Boston Public...what is it with Boston?

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