Friday, March 04, 2005

The abortion fight that never was

According to PoliticsPA, ex-Treasurer and ex-GOPer Barbara Hafer has decided not to run for Senate in 2006, nixing an all out fight over reproductive rights in the keystone state.

According to his press release current Treasurer and son of popular ex-governor Bob Casey Jr. (D) "said today that he will run" for the seat, and "will make a formal announcement of his candidacy at a later date." Citing trade and health care policies, Casey said DC GOPers "views the results of the November election as a mandate to increase the speed and severity of their push to undermine policies that protect middle-income working families. Their actions since the election played a large part in my decision to enter the Senate race. ... As Senator, I will fight everyday to put middle-class families first. ... I will fight to protect and strengthen Social Security and will oppose any privatization plan that cuts benefits, requires massive borrowing from foreign countries or does nothing to improve the solvency of the Social Security system"

Notice no talk of Abortion, as Casey is pro-life. To Rendell and co, this would be primary battle would have been a nasty one. EMILY's list had already sent up operatives to PA and about to raise money and have staff for Hafer. The one thing I really dislike about EMILY's list is that it effectively makes all their candidates seemingly one-dimensional. They are good at raising money for democratic women who otherwise went ignored pre-blogs, but I think women candidates should be considered much more than being just pro-choice and/or democrats.

Lest we forget, longshot ex-campaign strategist current-Professor Chuck Pennacchio is running in the primary as well. He is running a grassroots/netroots campaign, AKA he is kissing up to MyDD and others hoping to get some cash and recognition. Best of luck.

I wonder what Barbara got in return for not running against Casey? The promise of appointment to the Treasurer's job if Casey wins? A spot on the ticket as LG?

Meanwhile, the pro-choice zealots will now move on to their next intramural battle for 2006 senate race: Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Rep. Jim Langivin is being recruited by Sen. Schumer to run against Sen. Chaffee. The other Congressman from RI, Patrick Kennedy (son of Teddy) realizing he was too young and too dumb, decided to pass up this race. RI is 80 something percent Catholic, who are at least nominally pro-life. Personally, I believe in challenging incumbents with the best your side can offer.

If Democrats regain control of the Senate, their won't be votes on Abortion to worry about how these guys stand. Bush may nominate anti-Roe judges in his last two years, but Democrats can quash these nominees in the judiciary Committee and keep Jim and Bob off those committees. So cool your jets EMILY's listers.

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