Monday, February 28, 2005

Pundits: not worth a cent

"I think she's being advised secretly by Bill Clinton." -- NYT's Bill Safire revealing that Hillary Clinton may talk to her husband about politics, "Meet," NBC, 2/27.

Gee, how did you figure that one out, Bill? Which inside source did you have that a husband and wife whose whole marriage started around politics (and some would say only exists because of politics) would talk to each other about politics? What a moron. I guess this at least a fact, instead of his endless Hillary ramblings or other crap he puts in his column like his thoughts on grammar that pass as authoritative.

I am tired of hearing about who they think will win. After all, Chris Mathews showed how they were 100% wrong about Howard Dean and John Kerry. I am glad that I don't listen to them anymore. What a waste of time.

Now I should get to studying Property, which I really don't get. Why does it have to be so archaic and confusing?

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