Thursday, March 03, 2005

heading for the hills

The blogopshere is most effective in times like these, where the media is only semi-focused on politics. This is where an effective push on groups like USA Next, and issues like Social Security work in our favor. Being hyper technical and the press being hyper lazy, they look for press releases and little summaries. The blogosphere provides these through the prose posters provide for their readers. Plus, there are people like Josh Marshall who won't let go of an issue and tracks stuff that the media doesn't care about.

It's only March and it seems like Social Security "Reform" is doomed at least for this year, the mainstream media have picked up on the Glannon story, etc.

We even have Tom DeLay running scared in his district. He won with 55% of the vote by a candidate funded solely by the Blogosphere. He is now taking time out to campaign in his new district instead of raise money for more candidates or the GOP committees. Hopefully he will be in jail soon and we will have 1994 in the reverse in 2006.

The blogosphere also completely out manuvered Washington establishment types like ex-Rep. Tim Roemer and even Pelosi and Reid for the DNC chairmanship.

Keep up the good work folks, we got them all right where we want them.

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