Wednesday, March 16, 2005

the noose is tighening

around Tom DeLay's neck. I think he can feel those stray strands of rope scretching at his jugular.

After being admonished three times by the old Ethics Committee, DeLay has instructed his staff to help the Committee "get to the bottom of this." "We want to work with the ethics committee..." he said. Why the sudden change? Well he got rid of the chairman who admonished him and another Republican replacing them with two guys who got $50,000 from DeLay-associated PACs, so I am sure they will be unbaised and neural.

DeLay, a former bug exterminator, came to DC to get Washington off the backs of small businessmen and to make the federal government smaller. Yet a few years ago, when asked to smoke his Cubans outside a resturant, he refused. The waitress politely pointed out that smoking there was against Federal Law. In response, he said "Lady, I am the Federal Government," forgetting of course, the other members of the House, the Senate, and oh yeah the President of the United States.

The Washington Post has been following up on the latest scandals that have DeLay in hot water, let's look at the handy chart:

If the man was ever pure in his motives when he first left for Washington, DC and the lure of power has corrupted him beyond recognition. Those crooks that the GOP rallied against in 1994 are now themselves. It's time to throw these bums out too.

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