Monday, March 14, 2005


so I got so excited about my spring break and the last few days of warm weather that I packed up all my wool sweaters and parkas, like I said before, but today is was pretty windy and cold.

This morning I researched post-conviction statutes for Wyoming and Nevada for the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center. We are trying to come up with ideas for how to get around their lack of DNA statutes. On our week off, 3 of us still came and I was glad for it because our supervising attorney is a great guy and we have lots of fun while we are doing this.

At the law school, I got out my giant Constitutional law textbook which weighs like 20 lbs. to fix up my outline and read for next tuesday. Sometime I have set aside 3 hours to take this practice test that ex-boss from Rep. Matheson's office (now a 2L) cooked up. Fun stuff. Maybe tomorrow, and add the fun of doing property, the hardest class for me.

For my friend Thomas, it is just the opposite: Con Law to him seems boring and hard, while Property is interesting. Then again, he wants to do Tax law and was an accounting major (while I was International Relations). Plus, he is Clarence Thomas conservative and I am definately a member of the Bush v. Gore minority.

I should turn on the heat in here, its freezing.

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