Saturday, March 12, 2005

ring shopping

So today we went to O.C. Tanner and looked at wedding rings. I used to like my hands, but they looked so long and pasty against the rings. I really need some vitamen D and sunshine. I got so excited about my spring break and the warm weather this week, putting away all my sweaters and parkas into the storage bin and getting out my shorts and polos, but it looks like next week won't get above 50 degrees. So much for that.

It sure is scary these days to be a judge, now I know why the guards in the Matheson Courthouse made me take my leatherman off my keychain and leave it outside. The more one reads about this Nichols in Atlanta, the scarier he sounds. Since yesterday, he killed 3 people (a FBI agent, a state judge, and a court stenographer), severely injured another (court officer), held a woman hostage, stole 2 cars, and was on trail for rape before that (he took his girlfriend hostage for 2 days, threating to kill her and her family if she told anyone about the rape). This guy's going to get the death penalty, and I am sure Bush is going to fight to be the one to kill him rather than Georgia, where the case rightly belongs.

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