Tuesday, March 08, 2005


sorry for the long gap in posting. My laptop's harddrive suffered a mortal blow yesterday, I have been working with techies from the Law School, the bookstore, and Dell to try to fix it. It seems like a new one will need to be shipped out soon to replace it.

Unfortunately, there is almost no way of recovering the data in a timely matter. So all of last week's work is gone. Word to the wise: backup as much as you can as many places as you can, esepecially if you use a laptop. So yesterday I spent rereading all of last weeks stuff for 2-3 classes and retyping my notes. Worse yet are my outlines, Property, and my Methods paper which I had just reworked over the weekend into something to be proud of. Oh well. Good thing also Spring Break is coming up so I won't get too far behind. I wonder if I will get dumped on like I did for Fall break. So far so good.

Last night was our first basketball playoff game but the other team was a bunch of stoners so we just ended up playing against ourselves since they didn't show. Tonight we face another team, then if we win this, the number 1 seed. But I think we have a good shot to win the whole thing this year.

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