Friday, March 11, 2005

Hatch afraid of Matheson?

National Journal's "On The Trail" ranked Orrin's seat as 33rd out of 33 in terms of endangerment. The reaction? Sen. Hatch's campaign manager Dave Hansen: "I just hope Congressman (Jim) Matheson (D-02) takes a look at this and gets the idea that staying in the House where he will most likely be re-elected is much preferable to running against a 'sure winner' and ending his political career."

Like LaVarr Webb, I seriously doubt that Jim will run against Hatch or Bennett. Even in 1992 when Bennett's seat was open, then-nominee/ex-Rep. Wayne Owens (D) did not win. "That may be a long wait, but he's young and patient." The other money quote? "Matheson is a terrific campaigner, but it would be foolish for him to take on Hatch." I don't know if I would say foolish, but highly risky and unlikely.

Has Dave Hansen being hearing things I haven't? Why go yap to the press about this?

And then there's Paul Sarbanes, who after finally getting a important piece of legislation passed, is retiring. I hope Duncan and O'Malley reach a gentleman's agreement on who runs for Governor and who runs for Senate. That way, there won't be a clash of the titans. It seems like Ex-NAACP pres./ex-Rep. Kweisi Mfume will battle out the black vote with Rep. Al Wynn (04), who tried to block campaign finance reform and who's own wife campaigned against him along with CBC chair Rep. Elijah Cummings (07). Ambitious little twerps like Rep. Chris Van Hollen (08) will run and it will be like the 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary.

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