Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nevada governor signs 'anti-pimp' bill

"AB470, dubbed the "anti-pimp bill,"removes a requirement that an act of prostitution or pimping be corroborated by a third party to prove guilt. With the new law, a pimp can be prosecuted based solely on the word of the prostitute."

It's all the name of economic efficency. See, without the middleman sucking up all of the Whores' money, there is more money for Hookers to live off of and thus less need to sell their body to the night, to paraphrase Sting. Less sex means less chance of contracting diseases and less pimps means less abuse of the prostitute as well.

Now the only people she has to fear is pycho Johns, serial killers, and the police. Nevada is such an enlightened state.

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