Tuesday, July 05, 2005

back in the USA

well I am back in the good old USA and UT and back to posting after weeks abroad and wedding fun. Soon I will put up a few of the nearly 600 pictures we took on the honeymoon in the meanwhile, i will just say that I am glad to be where there are nice bathrooms with toilets that flush and suck the waste water away, showers that are separate from the bathroom floor and pillows that are firmer than a wet towl. Oh and I am glad to not be surrounded by chainsmokers and to experience air conditioning again.

Other than that, I loved our trip and Europe. So much tell, I don't even know where to start, so I will just go on to the topic that has been spiralling in mind since I saw it on CNN international: O'Conner's retirement.

The true chief justice's retirement was in step with her usual political savvy. Bush is going nowhere but down from here on out. It is better to leave now while she can still get a GOP justice replacement who will be sitting in her chair for another couple of decades than try to hang on through the next Clinton administration or which ever Democrat wins in 2006.

To me, this is the worst case scenerio. Rehnquist's retirement really wouldn't have changed much other than prolonging the 5-4 tenative social moderation majority. But O'Connor was THE swing vote on so many critical social and political issues. Justice Kennedy has taken notes from her recently but O'Connor always seems to find herself in the 5 of a 5-4 decision.

I think this Gonzales talk is a smoke screen but he is a scary choice because of his puppetness to GWB.

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