Wednesday, July 06, 2005

US SJC betting pool

From my cousin Nick, a lawyer who has clerked on the Federal Bench:

Since there is no basketball, football or hockey (and baseball bores me to tears), I thought a Supreme Court pool might provide some entertainment.

Five dollar entry fee. Seventy percent of pool to winner, twenty to second place and ten to third.

All entries must be received by Monday, July 11. Checks can be mailed to address below. Winning votes not supported by a check are not winning votes.

Entry must contain one name for the current opening as well as a calculation on the Senate confirmation vote. (Closest vote tally will break a tie among those who submit the same name.) Filibuster is an acceptable entry, but the filibuster must hold until the end of the calendar year.

To start things off, my entry: Judge Luttig and 70-30.

If any readers are want to join the pool, email or comment with your "bet" and I will send you my cousin's postal address.

Personally, I don't know if I have five bucks plus postage, but I am going to go with 10th Circuit Appeals Court Judge Michael McConnell (57-43). He is as consistantly conservative as Clarence Thomas, but as clever as Antonin Scalia. Rather than appointing a yes-man like Gonzales, Bush would be smart to appoint this Utah Law professor.

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