Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The media's tunnel vision

Funny I didn't see this picture in the Salt Lake Tribune

Similiarly, I was sitting at the TRAX station across the street from the KUTV station (CBS affiliate) when a camera man and reporter came up to me. "Are you a student at the U?" The KUTV reporter asked. I told him I was. He asked why I took TRAX, was it high gas prices, parking, or the HIGH COST OF GAS? I knew that if I said it was the high cost of gas, I would be filmed and might get two seconds on local TV. But instead I chose to tell the truth, that we have one car and my wife needs it for work and choir practice. As a result, not filmed. The reporter wants to do a story on how much the high gas prices are effecting students and others, but screening this way gives you preordained quotes and story line. As a result, people will think it is a bigger problem than it really is.

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