Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Putting your money where my mouth is

If you agree with my opinions on various races around the country, please contribute to the campaign I have listed here on My ActBlue page.

The cool thing about ActBlue is that anyone can raise money for the Democratic canidate of their choice without it costing them a cent. Some online tools take a percentage.

Contrary to what some might think, I do read your comments very carefully. This week, I got one comment (or rant) about illegal immigrants and one asking me to explain my views on Gov. Huntsman.

For those who are unitiated in the ways of the internets, let me just point out that comments other than by DaveB are not my own and I take no responsibility for them. Afterall, I can't take them down even if I hate them (that would require me to pay for my Haloscan account, and to remember my login information)

Anyway, even if illegal immigrants are the root cause of everything that my commenter opines about, his math is wrong. I doubt 50% of the Hispanic population in Utah is illegal. It is probabbly a much smaller (but still sigificant) percentage. Crime, amoung other social ills, has gone up in Utah because the population has increased as has poverty. He also claims illegals "believe they should have more rights than the Legal ones. They fill our Community Health Centers, our Welfare Offices, our Emergency Rooms, and any other Assistance meant for Citizens of Our nation."

The march was about getting the SAME rights as those who were legal, not more. Currently, illegal immigrants cannot receive federal or state funded welfare (you need a valid SSN for that), but they can and do use emergency rooms and other health care centers as ERISA requires hospitals to not turn them (or other poor human beings) away. If there were not so many uninsured, this drain would be much less.

Preventative medicine is much cheeper than ER medicine. Just ask every other industrialized nation that has universial health care. It is hard to tell just how much of a drain illegals are on the health care system, but I doubt they make up much of the tens of millions (40-50) of uninsured in this country.

As to Derek's question about why I consider Gov. Huntsman a political hack. Let's see: he is supporting frontrunner McCain over fellow LDSer Romney, he was a political appointee as Bush's Singapore Ambassador (which means he has given lots of money and sucked up to the right people in the GOP establishment, since he isn't a personal friend of Bush) and he is pushing for making the Utah tax code even more regressive. A flat tax is Steve Forbes' and Dick Armey's (ex-House Maj. Leader) wet dream.

Granted, Huntsman is much better than almost any of the other possibilities offered by the Utah Republican party (save maybe Oleen), and the fact that he passed up on Enid Greene Waldholz says much good about him. He also ran a dignified campaign against Scott Matheson. But then again, he could afford to. Johnny Jr was the annointed one like George W. Bush was in 2000. The son of a rich man, the insiders tried to clear the field for him, even shooing aside an acting governor, and it nearly failed. Scott was only tied in one Democratic poll, and was consistantly 10 points back in most the others. Scott never went negative; so why would Huntsman have had to?

Huntsman is the most popular governor in the country, but he seems aleady to be thinking of pulling a Leavitt and asking President McCain for a plum cabinet post so he can be as partisan and unaccountable as he wants. Why else would you endorse a guy who hasn't even announced they are running for president now?

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