Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday round-up

  • People in Utah can't find their local liquor stores. Why? Because listing them in the yellowpages is deemed "advertising," which is prohibited by statute. "That's stupid," said Larry Lunt, head of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, said Wednesday at the monthly meeting of the agency that regulates state liquor sales. "People don't normally know to look for liquor stores in the Blue Pages."
    Searching online also may be problematic. An Internet check of Salt Lake County liquor stores also pulled up a grocery store and a plumbing supply outlet.

  • This week's sign the apocalypse is upon us: Sen. Orin Hatch's music goes Platinum. Who are these people that like to pay money for stuff you can listen to in the elevator?
  • I will take lame political christmas songs for $100 Alex: Courtesy of Hotline. I just hope they didn't write it themselves. Feel free to voice your opinion about the song in the comments.
    The Mormon Song
    (to tune of Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song")

    Break out the Golden Plate, here comes 2008.
    So fun to guess the fate of our favorite Mormon candidate.

    Mitt Romney has been a Mormon all his life.
    And unlike Giuliani and McCain, he's only had one wife.

    When you think like pundits in town who think it can't be done,
    Here's a list of people who are Mormon, Mitt's not the only one.

    Harry Reid's a Dem who'll lead the U.S. Senate,
    And then there are Republicans Orrin Hatch and Robert Ben-nett.

    Guess who eats together when Congress is in session,
    Senator Mike Crapo, and Congressman Mike Simpson

    George Allen's part Jewish; and he won't run in '08,
    Romney lost a foe because of Macaca-gate.

    Now on the war on terror, Mitt Romney won't be soft,
    and he can form a Cabinet with
    Chris Cannon and Brent Scowcroft -- (both Mormon)

    So break out the Golden Plate, here comes 2008
    If you go to see Salt Lake, the Marriot sure is great.

    O.J. Simpson -- not a Mormon,
    But guess who is, Governor Jon Huntsman.

    Romney's got a plan to make it to the fall,
    And if he does, he'll do better than Mo Udall.

    You may be convinced that it's not that tough a fight
    If Mitt gets help from the star of Napoleon Dynamite!

    Not many Mormons are in the news biz --
    Larry King isn't, but did you know that his wife is?

    Go tell Gordon Hinkley, '08 will be here quickly,
    McCain hopes that he'll face Hillary, but hey may not be the nominee.

    So stay away from coffee, and better not drink whiskey
    Cause maybe soon we all might see,
    a Republican President named Mitt Romney.

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