Tuesday, January 09, 2007

bad day

This morning, before leaving the house, I thought our checkbook had been stolen (it fell out of my bag and into the backseat of the car). Then I spent all morning prepping cases for the wrong week. Then I learned that I screwed up a memo to the number two guy in my division. Then I was late to class because I chatted with a classmate 30 seconds too long (TRAX left without me). Then I went home and walked the dog twice and only mananged to have one slice of pizza before I had to fix my memo and send it back. Then I found out they changed the bus schedules and was late to the next class. Oh and I resprained my ankle rushing down some icy steps. Then I went back to work and wasted more time on said cases. Then I got home and iced my ankle, only to have smoke billow out of our stove and ruin my dinner (pizza) and make the whole house a hazy chocking mess. So while the oven self-cleans, my wife and dog and I are holed up at my grandmothers, and her excessively hot house.

So now I am hot, with a headache from the fumes, and a sore ankle.

But other than that, I have had a great day...how was yours?

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