Thursday, January 11, 2007

Buttars than ever

After trying to bring religion into the school via teaching "intelligent design" last session and failing, cultural warrior Utah State. Sen. Chris Buttars (R-West Valley) is at it again.
His bill, SB111, is titled, "Free Exercise of Religion Without Government Interference." It would require government entities to demonstrate "clear and convincing evidence" that any action taken to curb free exercise of faith "is essential to further a compelling government interest" and is the least restrictive way of doing so.

His idea is to allow students to wear t-shirts with religious themes like "CTR" (Choose The Right, an LDS-phrase) and for said students to be able to pray at graduation. Of course, the court has repeatedly said that even a moment of silence amounts to an unconstitutional establishment of religion. And would Buttars be ok with kids wearing Satanic shirts?

Moreover his belief that being gay is amoral, and his bill to ban gay clubs in high schools, will be in direct conflict with SB111. What a moron.

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