Thursday, January 25, 2007

global warming is bad for the economy

There are some delusional folks who want to believe climate change is not occurring, or that if it is, it isn't caused by humans. Then there are those who agree that it is happening but then believe that any policy changes would set America's economy back to those of Sub-Saharan Africa. But then there is this troubling fact:
The most recent glimpse of snowpack totals in Utah's six major river basins paints a fairly grim picture. After ending 2006 - and the first three months of the water year - with near-normal precipitation, Utah has seen a long dry spell shrivel snowpacks to as low as 64 percent of normal in the north and 69 percent in the south.

Now the article blames it on El Nino, which is a weather event that happens when sea temperatures are higher...gee I wonder what causes that. Just remember ZERO peer-reviewed scientific articles on the climate have disputed that humans are causing a dramatic climate change. And remember that less snow in Utah's northern mountains means less skiing. And less skiing means that less people stay at hotels, rent skis, buy meals, gas, etc. In short, our tourism portion of the local economy suffers.
Utah ski resorts, not surprisingly, are hurting.
In the Cottonwood canyons, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Brighton all had base totals of less than 60 inches on Wednesday.
The Park City resorts - Park City, Deer Valley and The Canyons - were all under 50 inches.
"I think we're at the point in the season where people are beginning to realize that they need to ski the mountain as it is, because we've now had a couple of long, extended periods without new snow and we're not seeing anything on the horizon," said Snowbird spokeswoman Laura Schaffer.

Then think about all the jobs that can come from developing better wind turbines, solar panels, water turbines, hydrogen fuel cells, electric motors and batteries. And more efficient gas-motors, and hopefully some day hover boards! These are jobs that will not end up in India and China for decades, these are jobs that can only be accomplished in a research heavy US with its Universities and private businesses.

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