Monday, January 22, 2007

YouTube-ization of announcement speeches

I don't know about you, but I am already tired of the the internet videos of candidates announcing their candidacy for the presidency online. Edwards did it, Obama did it, Hillary Clinton did it, Richardson did it, and who cares about the other Democratic announcers thus far? It is a bit condescending to me as a blogger that this is their nod to the netroots. "Look, I put it on the internet, now help me raise some money!"

It makes one wistful for Kerry's announcement tour to stand behind various objects (boats, people, etc.)...OK well not really.

Fact is, the announcement process is really ridiculous and farcical. Everyone knew that these folks were going to run (even if I tried to con myself into thinking Hillary would hold the trigger at the last moment). The real news is when these people decide NOT to run. It doesn't matter if they pose in their living rooms, their hip lofts, their office, behind the USS Constitution, or in the lower 9th ward.

I know all this pomp and circumstance is to generate buzz and free press. I will tell you who has no need for free press: Hillary Clinton. I listen to a podcast of the leading nightly newscast in Germany and Hillary made that news, no mention of Obama or McCain or anyone else save Bill.

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