Saturday, January 20, 2007

The 4th seat mutates

So the Utah-DC exchange bill is introduced in the 110th, but with a new twist:
[this year's bill contains] a provision that would bar [Utah's Republican-controlled legislature] from redrawing congressional districts until 2012. Some Democrats in Congress fear [they would] gerrymander the state's only Democratic congressman, Jim Matheson, out of office.
State lawmakers already met in a special session last year to finalize a four-seat map.
[Utah Republican Congressman Chris]Cannon says the redistricting moratorium is "a slam down on our Legislature." He said state lawmakers wouldn't want to redraw the map, but Congress shouldn't be telling them they can't.

I think this is a reasonable restriction, since it forces Utah Republicans to go with the December 2006 map (see HR 328 IH sec. 6(a)(1)).

The DC vote folks want this bill to happen on or before April 15th, when their whole taxation without representation will have the most symbolic power.

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