Thursday, January 18, 2007

feeling like a young parent

My wife and I don't have children yet. We want to start a family soon, and need the financial stability of me being employed full-time before we make that leap. But as avid readers know, we did get a dog "for Christmas."

The miniature/toy poodle, who named himself Poe, [we went through a list of authors and he responded to Edgar Allen's last name] is now a full member of the family. And just like an infant, he has trouble sleeping through the night and wakes us up with his antics. So as a result, I haven't been sleeping through the night either.

Plus, like a child, we have been dressing him in snow coats [because of the cold (10 degrees at 11 PM) and his lack of fur (the rescue society gave him a mighty buss)]. We go home at lunch to take him out on walks and he is sad to see us go every time, trying a sit-down strike on our laps to keep us from returning to work/class.

Unlike my classmates with lots of real children, mine will never grow up and learn how to talk to us and so on. Instead we rely on gestures like pawing the dish for
hunger, weird behavior and pawing the door for urgent bathroom breaks, and tail wagging for happiness.

So I know we are not experiencing nearly the same thing as our friends with infants and young children, but for right now, it is the closest we are going to get.

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