Saturday, March 10, 2007

another wasted $3.5 million

Yesterday, I was planning on writting about the ray of hope that Gov. Huntsman's stalling on the high school clubs bill represented, and it is a good thing I hesitated. Today, he signed the monstrosity, creating needless state intrusion and red-tape, all in the name of going after gay-straight clubs. And these clubs will continue to exist fellas.

In other depressing wastes of state resources, it seems we will blow $3.5 million on another primary that no one will vote in and the results won't matter. By placing Utah in the "Super Duper Tuesday" date 11 months from now, we pretty much ensure that our state will be ignored. Why come to Utah when Texas, California, Illinios, and Florida are on the same day? Especially for Republicans, who know that Romney will take the state unless he is so out of the running that it will go to the frontrunner.

In 2004, Leavitt tried a "Western primary" only to see that our state was ignored and Kerry won all of them easily. Even though I was a Clark man, by the time Utah's primary occured, I voted for Edwards because Clark had dropped out by then.

The definion of stupidity, Albert Einstein said, is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result.


Marshall said...

Actually I talked with the state director for the Richardson campaign so evidently they don't think it will be wasted money.

Bob said...

Actually, Kerry and Edwards split Utah's Delegates, with most going to Kerry.

However, I agree with everything else in your post.