Tuesday, March 06, 2007

waiting for wes, part III

Wes Clark, Jr. scolds those of us who fear a Clark candidacy is DOA.
I'm sitting with General Clark right now

He never said he's not going to run and he's not going to commit to a timeline on when he has to announce. The early campaign season is good for two groups of people - the fundraisers and the consultants. The average citizen won't make up their mind until much later in the game.
Good old bomb throwing Wes Jr. is back.

As right as he is about consultants and fundraisers, the winning nominee will have to have even more money than last time. Lots more. This is not only because of inflation and the quality of the Democratic field, but also because the early February Super Tuesday will even more nationalized. California and other big, expensive media states will all be on the same date. And if Iowa and New Hampshire are won by the same person, it will be a steamroller for that winner. If those two states are split, with close second places of different people, then maybe the Super Tuesday states will also be divvyed up.

However, that is an extremely unlikely scenario...even then, there will probably only be 2-3 folks coming out of that situation. One of them will be probably be Obama and another probably will be Clinton. Even if voters aren't focused in this early, the political talent is. Some of them are actually worth snapping up, especially in an organizational state like Iowa.

Needless to say, I am worried for my man General Clark.

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Bob said...

The Dems have a caucus in Nevada between Iowa and NH. That one will be huge for momentum as well.