Sunday, March 18, 2007

doing something about it

a couple things to note tonight. Thanks to the Wasatch Watcher for linking to one of my many typo-ridden posts (Gonzales and his "purse scandal"). I would go to bed at this hour but two hilarious articles from the local papers caught my eye.

The title of the Trib's DC reporter's article says it all: "What Cannon would ask Plame - if he'd been there." Who the heck cares what he would have asked? If he has other priorities than showing up to hearings of the plumb committee he is on a big national issue, then his opinion matters even less than mine. At least I would have gone had I been Rep. Cannon. Residents of Summit County and Happy Valley, your congressman is a joke, literally.

If he or anyone in a similar situation wants to complain about something, they should at least try doing something about it, rather than just whining to the press.

Which brings me to another (unintentionally) funny article. Here's the lede [no that's not a typo]: "The minority House Democrats in the Utah Legislature were three times less effective in passing their bills this year than all other state lawmakers, an analysis by the Deseret Morning News shows." I really hope they didn't spend too much time, money, or effort on that 'analysis' because anyone with half a brain could have told you that a Democrat in the Utah legislature has about as much chance passing a bill as Kucinich has of winning the nomination...OK it's not that bad, but pretty close. Why did they waste the space in the newspaper to do this article? Oh that's right, the backup argument of Utah's GOP leadership (one of whom is now the editor-in-chief of the Des News and is idiot Rep. Cannon's brother) is that you can't vote Democratic because your Rep will have no power.

Well if voters take a defeatist approach like that, they will never have a remotely close close to a democracy in Utah. Right now, it is getting closer and closer to China with it's one party rule and it's corresponding corruption and waste.

I am tired of just complaining about stuff, so I am actually in DC this week to lobby Congress about Utah's wilderness. Maybe this year we can finally get SUWA's nearly 10 million acres bill passed by at least the House. Even if it doesn't, at least I am doing something about it.

PS I will be pretty busy because of this so please be patient with posts this week.

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Marshall said...

Hope you don't mind me just copying and pasting some of your stuff, even with typos it is great, wouldn't change a bit of it.