Thursday, March 22, 2007

where I was this week

Sorry for the long gaps in writing...a big blogger no-no. There is a summary (semi-accurate) of our time in DC via Aron Ralston.

I also went to DC to talk to attorneys there I know and get a sense of what I should do with myself. The original title of this post was "the fine art of self-deception" because I was thinking about what kind of person am I? Am I warrior? Am I a person who likes to win above all else? How much am I willing to put up with to win? Thoughts to ponder.

Meanwhile, Lord Vader VP Cheney will speak to BYU graduates. Please let one of them grow some balls and protest this horrible person.

In order to get our Utah leaders to do the public's will, we have to sign petitions to force them to change their ways. On the RSL stadium and Vouchers. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs seems to have actually looked at the same numbers as Corroon did, and divested itself from RSL's stadium.

Finally, I noticed that as predicted, Republicans care more about preventing an overwhelmingly democratic, urban, and african-american-empowered area from having a vote in the House than allowing Utah to have another rightful seat that would almost certainly go Republican. Stop voting Republican, Utah. They clearly don't care about you.

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Marshall said...

So Cannon and Bishop couldn't put together a coherent argument on why they opposed this bill so instead they made it into east vs west stupidity?

Why do we keep voting these idiots in? Kick them out!