Friday, March 16, 2007

STDs spike in Davis Co.

Last night my wife and I watched "Kinsey." While the man contributed a lot to science and the ensuing sexual revolution, his personal life was...well let's just say he had an affair with a male assistant researcher, then told his wife, then that assistant researcher propositioned Mrs. Kinsey, and both Kinsey's thought that would be a great idea. Anyway, one part of the movie Dr. Kinsey noted that despite (rather because of) abstinence-only education, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (then called venereal diseases) were rapidly rising.

Utah, home to some of the most conservative sexual education in the country, the kind that Kinsey campaigned against in the 1950s, has the same problem as Indiana U. kids during his early days.
Cases of the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia jumped 17 percent in Davis County last year.
That is the finding of a study released this week by the Davis County Health Department.
Chlamydia tops the county's list of communicable diseases with 510 reported cases in 2006.
Health experts say chlamydia's relatively mild symptoms allow it often to go undetected and untreated, spreading the infection and causing infertility.
County health officials also reported a rise in gonorrhea, logging 55 cases in 2006.
Of communicable diseases identified in Davis County in 2006, some 44 percent were STDs. Most cases were adults between ages 20 and 29, and 64 percent of all STD cases were women, the report said.

I just hope no one is really surprised by these reports.

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