Monday, March 12, 2007

Utah's unrepresentative government

It's time for another installment of Utah Republican leaders working for the lobbyists not the people.
  1. we all know that the Voucher bill was bought and paid for by out of state interests, but now we are all sure that the public doesn't support vouchers (after a proper poll explained it to them).

  2. If that ideological boondoggle weren't enough, we have taxpayer money being thrown at a 3rd tier pro-sporting event that won't create real economic growth. Oh and the public doesn't support that either.

  3. This is [also] the Place [to waste taxpayer money on failed quasi-religious things]. Oh and "many neighbors remain skeptical that commercially developing 12 acres of the 60-acre restored pioneer village is the best way to financially stabilize the park that celebrates the Mormon pioneers' arrival in the valley in the mid-19th century."
    Republican leaders, without a public hearing, handed over the $2 million, but demanded the foundation be reorganized, and home developer and one-time county mayor candidate Ellis Ivory be put in charge.
    Ivory has been pushing his solution to the park's long-term stability that includes commercial development and the construction of a large reception center in the park. Even with approval of the lease deal, the park would be less than halfway to covering its annual $3 million expenses, he said.
    Cronyism at its finest.
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I am sure more will come up as more people ask questions.

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