Thursday, May 10, 2007


Dear Readers,

Tomorrow I graduate from law school, and my grandmothers, two aunts, and an uncle will be on hand, so I will very busy with family events. Saturday I will be on my way to St. Thomas for a week, thanks to a free hotel stay from my mortgage broker and free airfare thanks to my copious use of my AmEx. This means that in all likelihood, this will be my last post until the 21st.

I will miss you while I try to unplug from the world for a week. When I get back to Utah, BarBri (a Bar Exam prep course) will start up and I will be fairly busy studying for the two-day test until the end of July.

Accordingly, I am accepting applications for guest blogger. By "application" I mean you post a comment saying you are interested. Consider yourself invited to "apply."


Alienated Wannabe said...

Congratulations DaveB! I hope you have a wonderful vacation, and that you come back completely rejuvinated so that you can properly prepare to pass the bar exam.

I would offer to serve as your guest blogger, but I fear that I would change the blog's title to:

The Third Avenue
Truth through balance, the ideology of true progress

Yeah, I didn't think you would like it. But, in all sincerity, I have found that truth is not something that can be sought instead of balance, at the expense of balance, or "over balance." Rather, truth is discovered through balance. Or, expressed another way, the truth is balance; balance is the truth.

But, that is a tale for another day. Take care!


Marshall said...

So I was looking tonight for some material and I was thinking - hey I haven't seen anything from that great blog "the third avenue" in awhile and I love that blog and that Oldenburg guy is always on top of it.

So I come over here and low and behold I see this. So I would love to be a guest blogger, I already am a guess blogger over at Deseret Spectacle if you need a reference.