Friday, July 06, 2007

the epic collapse of the conversative movement

Sorry that I haven't been writing. I got back at 11 am and spent all of yesterday studying for today's simulated bar exam. I have to say, it is not fun and I still have another day of testing.

Back to my post at hand. Almost immediately following Bush's "re" election I predicted that in short order people would pretend they didn't vote for him, like how people seemed to magically have switched their votes over Nixon. I was confident that he would return to his previous unpopularity, and become more unpopular.

But the fact that 45% of the American people would support the impeachment of President Bush is amazing. No longer is it just the random people at your co-op or peace rallies, now it is almost within the margin of error in terms of popular support. Remember, only 26% of Americans supported Bill Clinton's impeachment. There was no polling on Andrew Johnson, but I wonder if there was any on Richard Nixon.

Even more incredible is the majority that support impeaching Cheney-- 54%.

Bush and Cheney have become so toxic, yet the Republican candidates running to replace them have to say nice things about them because the 26% of Americans that still support Bush are the ones that vote in GOP primaries. That means supporting clemency for Scotter Libby and an endless continuance of the war in Iraq, something a vast majority of Americans disapprove of in large numbers. Not to mention GitMo (which Romney thinks we should double as a symbol of a national resolve to torture people).

At this rate, no Republican will have a prayer at winning the White House in 2008 or regaining control of Congress. Of course, things will change as new events come up. But right now, I can't foresee anything that will change the direction of the circling of the drain for conservatives.

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