Monday, July 16, 2007

Why McCain isn't going to be this cycle's Kerry

All of Senator McCain's media whores routinely reference John Kerry as an reason why we shouldn't count out John McCain, who now as less than $700,000 in his presidential campaign account (compared to Giulliani's $12.7M, let alone Obama's $34M). John Kerry was at 9 percent in the polls two weeks before Iowa and in third place in New Hampshire, yet ended up winning both and nearly sweeping all the primary states after that (Clark won Oklahoma, and Edwards won South Carolina) and of course ended up getting his party's nomination in 2004.

However, those "journalists" who have been in love with St. John McCain have seemingly forgotten that Kerry put a mortgage on "his" Beacon hill home late in 2003 so that he would have $9M to spend in Iowa (and later New Hampshire). Kerry flew a helicopter barnstorming around Iowa, which isn't cheap and was a good stunt.

After having an adulterous affair with her, John McCain married his current wife, who like Kerry's is an multimillion dollar heiress, "who inherited a lucrative Budweiser beer distributorship from her father, the late Jim Hensley. Her assets are value in excess of $24 million." Unlike Kerry however, he isn't going to tap their "joint assets"

McCain flatly ruled out such a move: "I value my marriage too much. I have never thought about it. I would never do such a thing, so I wouldn't know what the legalities are."

Can we please stop talking about how McCain will magically ressurrect his DOA campaign now?

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David said...

No, we're bored and we have nothing better to talk about than a poorly run campaign which is unlikely to survive the 16 months between now and th election date that it has aimed for. You'd think there was nothing newsworthy to talk about.