Saturday, July 21, 2007

as if you needed another reason

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But in case you thought about voting for Romney because of his "values," this should dispel it.
"I support tough interrogation techniques, enhanced interrogation techniques, in circumstances where there is a ticking time bomb, a ticking bomb," Romney said.
"Our president, for all the criticism he receives, has kept America safe these last six years, and he has done it by: One pursuing the Patriot Act, which has given us the intelligence information we needed to find out who the bad guys were and get them out before they got us, and No. 2, when al-Qaida was calling America, he made sure someone here was listening," Romney said. "And No. 3 ... when terrorists were detained, were captured, he made sure we interrogated them."

So let's see, Romney supports torture, in violation of the Geneva Convention (and uses the same term the Nazis did to support torture); he supports repeated civil rights violations by the FBI; illegal warrantless wiretaps on American citizens and political enemies; and above all, Romney supports every illegal thing that George W. Bush does, just to seem tough.

But that's not tough, that's cowardice. He is afraid that people will notice that is a privileged son who doesn't really know how to use guns. He is frightened that evangelicals would notice that he prefers to take money from people buying porn and booze than ban either while he was on the board of directors for Marriot. Romney doesn't want you to know that he is a vain man who spends hundreds on makeup and hair.

And don't bother asking Mitt about how and when he changed his positions on Abortion, Gay Rights, Gun Control, Stem Cells, etc. you won't get the real answer.

Mitt, Al Qaeda doesn't call into or out of the US on a phone, they aren't as stupid as you are. The fact is, Bush's own intelligence people have admitted that we are less safe now than we were prior to 9/11. And it is because of all those things that Romney listed, and because of Iraq, which Romney also supports the president wholly heartedly on.

We all have witnessed the worst series of foreign policy mistakes in US history since 1812. On North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Israel/Palestine, western Europe, etc. the Bush team has consistently made terrible decisions that have endangered our national security. We are darned lucky we haven't been struck again in US soil. And Mitt Romney wants to not only continue those mistakes, he wants to make them worse by doubling gitmo.

He'll even thrown in a free dog torturing, just to prove how manly he really is. If you want a bully and a coward, or want to continue living in fear, then vote for Romney.

But if you have hope for America and believe in its greatness and goodness, please vote for someone who won't follow George W. Bush in lockstep off the abyss.

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Watch 'n Wait said...

Very very commonsense post. Romney surely does need to go participate in the Iraq occupation or the Afghanistan war so that, possibly, some sense of reality will set in.