Friday, September 07, 2007

Fair thee well

I am off to Washington, D.C. tomorrow morning and will be interning there for the fall. Hopefully, I will have time to blog during the time I am there. Don't worry about me missing the run-off election, my wife and I already voted for Becker.

Since the people at my job find blogging to be a chore, and I have enjoyed it for five years now, you may see me posting over at CLCblog, but my views and their views are totally separate. As a person, I may endorse someone like Ralph Becker, but they do not and cannot. They are completely non-partisan and above board (one guy who works there is legal counsel for a top presidential candidate, and won't even sit in meetings if people idling chatting about the election). If it is jargon-filled, please forgive. I may get a job out in the Washington area, who knows.

No matter what happens, Utah will always be my home. And Salt Lake my home town.


Davis Didjeridu said...

Good luck, but for heaven's sakes, get CLC Blog to add an feed. It's a pretty useless blog without one.

Voice of Utah said...

Good luck - sounds like a fun job. Be sure and post some of the juicy gossip for us.

JM Bell said...

When you hit the Monuments (Jefferson, Lincoln and the Korea War ) make sure you hit them at night. Especially the Korean War Memorial.

The Vietnam Memorial Wall is worth seeing in light and in darkness.

FDR is better during the day.

Don't forget to go to Teddy Roosevelt's Island. Totally worth the trip and the hike.

Marshall said...

Good Luck! and please don't become one of those spineless D.C. Democrats.

Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen said...

I hope you will post here now and then. I for one would be interested in what you are doing in D.C.