Tuesday, September 04, 2007

put two and two together

I think if you read these two articles together you will get my argument without me having to make it. I love it when that happens.
Neighborhood schools serving minorities and the poor in the U.S. are losing teachers to wealthy districts, according to a study.
''High-minority'' districts are almost twice as likely as richer areas to struggle at retaining math and science teachers, according to the report, released today by the American Institutes for Research, a nonprofit group based in Washington.

Recently released results of such college prep tests as Advanced Placement, ACT and the SAT, show Utah minority students largely still lagging behind their white peers both in scores and participation. The achievement gap, both in Utah and nationwide, is nothing new, but experts say the recent results reflect the challenges many minority students face in getting to college. They're difficulties that arise from cultural differences, a lack of opportunities and economic pressures, experts say.

Cultural differences my ass.

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