Saturday, September 01, 2007

in memoriam


My iPod, HP Apple iPod 20GB with Click Wheel - 4th Generation, passed away today. He enjoyed playing my eclectic mix of songs, from vivaldi to chemical brothers and everything in between (except right wing country and christian rock), as well as dozens of Podcasts in two languages. He also stored my term papers, outlines, cover letters, photos, bar review lectures.

my iPod is survived by a gray mini (my father's) and two black nanos (my mom's and sister's). In lieu of money, the family is accepting cash donations...for the new iPod


Jesse Harris said...

There's actually a fair number of iPod repair outfits that could probably fix it on the cheap. Or are you looking for a convenient excuse for upgrading?

Curtis said...

I too know your loss, but life goes on.

The loss of my first two iPod's were truly traumatic, but over time you will be able to embrace your new iPod. My third is still hanging in there and makes me happier than ever.

I know the entire blogosphere is there for ya.