Monday, October 08, 2007

Becker lays out his agenda, again

Rather than attack his opponent, Ralph Becker opted to summaries the highlights of the many blueprints he has perviously offered on different policy areas.
Under the 180-day outline, Becker pledges to appoint a first-of-its-kind education-partnership coordinator. If elected, he also would create the mayor's monthly school summit and develop a scholarship program.
Becker wants to build green, complete a capital bikeway system, require a review of so-called carbon footprints and finish work on the Jordan River Parkway.
He also hopes to bolster community engagement and better relations with the Utah Legislature, where he has served as a lawmaker for the past 11 years.
Becker also vows to pass a broader nondiscrimination ordinance and change city policy to allow an employee to name a domestic partner as a beneficiary.
To benefit downtown, the Utah House minority leader hopes for form a cultural district for the arts, create a year-round public market, add bike rentals and lockers at the transit hub and initiate a downtown circulator system for public transit.
Naturally, Buhler supporters have rated down the story and have filled the comments section with attacks on Becker that mirror Buhler's, even though these aren't new plans but a summary of pre-runoff plans.

If Buhler truly wants this to be an election about ideas, let's compare Ralph's blueprints to Dave's policy proposals and see which one is more appealing to more SLC voters. But I get the distinct impression Buhler wants it to be able how "ineffectual" Becker has been and not about what each proposes to do while in office.

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