Wednesday, October 10, 2007

some free advice for Becker

Buhler likes to point out Becker's lack of bills that became law during his two decades in the state legislature.
Buhler scolded Becker for passing only a handful of bills during 11 years as Utah's House minority leader, while other Democrats seemed far more busy. "In some years, Ralph didn't even try," Buhler said.
Becker countered that his role Utah's GOP-dominated Capitol Hill was to speak up for the voiceless in the community. And he slammed Buhler, a Republican, for being "turned out of office" after a single Senate term, while Becker was elected six times.
How about, instead of talking about Buhler getting canned by the voters, talk about why he got canned: his record.
As a state senator, he repeatedly tried to limit the power of cities to govern themselves. In the Senate, Buhler tacked a rider onto a bill governing city incorporation. It allowed businesses that owned land in newly formed cities Kearns and Magna to opt out, escaping from new taxes. One company benefiting from Buhler’s changes was Kennecott Copper. Also, as state senator, he limited the power of cities in Utah to regulate rental units.
I am sure Becker's oppo-research team can find more votes on things like social issues that SLC voters would not like, but this is just what I found on the internets in about 30 seconds.

Next time that "nice, reasonable guy" attacks your record Mr. Minority Leader, hit back with Buhler's terrible record in the state legislature.

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