Monday, November 05, 2007

only six percent of UT GOPers want to help the poor

I make this claim by putting together two sets of information. Number one:
a new Tribune poll found that a mere 6 percent of Utahns cited helping poor students as the reason they support vouchers.
Data point number two
The Utah Republican Party State Central Committee passed a resolution supporting school vouchers at its quarterly meeting Saturday. The committee is the governing and policy-making body for the Utah Republican Party and consists of 175 county leaders from across the state.
The Utah Democratic Party has opposed the voucher proposal.

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Kyle and Aly said...

I ran into your blog while reading about the voucher issue. I am in NC, but I have a lot of family in Utah, including two public school teachers. I thought you'd enjoy my brother's blog, as he (and our entire family) are also Democrat Mormons. Check it out at Hopefully tomorrow's vote will be a good one!